About Reddy Faymus

Reddy created Faymus...

I am Reddy Faymus.


I was born in London in 1991 & from a young age I fell in love with music, I started as a radio DJ from the age of 11 and, from there I went on to write & record music, which I have done ever since.


When I was young I use to go by the name DJ Wayne also vybzkidd. I started Faymus clothing in September 2016 & never looked back.


I've always liked the word famous & I have always wanted to be famous so I started to use the word in my name a while back, but after a while I wanted to change the spelling so I played about with it and came up with "FAYMUS". 


Reddy was my fathers nick name & as he sadly pasted away when I was a child i took on the nick name and added famous to it, and there you have it.



London, UK

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